Robert Chang Chien

is a designer, artist, and photographer based in Taiwan. More about Robert Chang Chien and his works here.


Ian Thomas Miller

is an illustrator and painter currently based out of Chicago. More about Ian Thomas Miller and his works here.

Ryo Yoshii 1

Ryo Yoshii

is a Japanese illustrator who is currently studying art in Japan. More about Ryo Yoshii and his works here.  


Florencia Mazza Ramsay

is an Argentinian-born photographer and retoucher whose commercial credits include Playboy Spain, Mercedes-Benz (Argentina) and Porsche (Argentina), has a trademark way of capturing the…



is our favorite instagram profile by Lorenzo Castellini who recreates new masterpieces. “Great masters having great times” Check the instagram profile here.


Billy & Hells

is the pseudonym for the creative duo comprised of Berlin based photographers Anke Linz and Andreas Oettinger. The photographers met in the mid-1980s and…


Weird Faces

is an generative art project. An algorithm creates an infinite collection of fun looking sketched faces. Humans can’t draw circles, or other perfectly geometric forms…


I Used To Be You

New York-based 42-year old photographer Kyoto Hamada documents what it’s like to spend two years as an elderly woman. “After volunteering to visit the homes…