Sydney Sie

is a Taiwanese photographer and graphic designer. “My artwork is often rife with gradient color, optical illusion and everything about feminine. I want my…

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Ashley Sophia Clark

is an American photographer from Portland, Oregon. She’s into “magic and light and pink and astrology and energy and the sun and hair”, which results in thought…


Giuseppe Palmisano

also known as iosonopipo is an Italian photographer based in Bologna, Italy. “If I look at myself in the mirror my reflection seems yellow,…


Alexandra von Fuerst

is an Italian photographer currently based in Berlin. Her real name is Alessandra Bergamin. Her focus is mostly on fashion even if her projects are…


Dean Stuart

is an American illustrator. He was born in Indiana, and later moved to a college town in Oregon, where he spent the latter half…


Aizawa Yoshikazu

is a Japanese photographer based in Tokyo who takes pictures in an analogous way. More about Aizawa Yoshikazu and his works here.


Martin Wehmer

is a German artist based in Hong Kong whose paintings are composed of thick brushstrokes.  Martin Wehmer’s paintings, in thick oil paint, are snapshots of…


Matt Molloy

is a Canadian photographer based in Bath, Ontario who had the idea of taking a bunch of time-lapsed photos and digitally stacking them together.  What happens when…