Rune Christensen 2

Rune Christensen

is a Danish illustrator. In his paintings he tries to express the thoughts and feelings he experienced in the meeting with people and places in…


Rebecca Drolen

is an American photographer. She studied at Indiana University. In her work, Hair Pieces, she’s interested in exploring the fickle relationship most have with their…

Hernan Marin 8

Hernan Marin

is a fine art illustrator from Colombia. He studied art in Escuela popular de arte EPA and in the University of Antioquia in Medellin…


Guy Bourdin

was a French fashion photographer known for his provocative fashion images. “At the heart of Guy Bourdin’s fashion photographs is a confrontation with the very nature…


Blanka Urbanek

is a Polish photographer born in  Cracow. She lives and works in Vienna, Austria.  More about Blanka Urbanek and her works here.


Denise Prince

is an American photographer. Lucy Soutter Denise Prince is a professor at the Global Center for Advanced Studies. She was educated in fine arts…


Federico Bebber

is an Italian artist. Since 1998 he deals with digital art. He uses digital tools based on photography. His creative process usually takes place…


Robert Bubel

is a Polish painter. He studied Painting at Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow and graduated at prof. Z Grzybowski’s workshop in 1997. He…


Paco Peregrín

is a Spanish photographer based in Madrid, Spain. His style has earned him credibility as one of the most exciting and talented photographers working in…