Michelle Lartigue

is a photographer and art student from Monterrey, Mexico who creates amazing pictures of dreamy worlds. More about Michelle Lartigue and her works here.


Caroline Mackintosh

is a young South African photographer. Her photographs have a personality of their own – young, carefree and adventurous. Not unlike Cally herself. Having…



is a visual artist and self-taught photographer from Cali, Colombia. Stephen Ocampo Villegas also known as Steoville creates incredible touchy pictures. More about Steoville and…

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Rowan Henry Hamilton

is a designer and photographer living in sunny Wollongong, Australia. He spent 3.5 years studying his degree in Graphic Design and New Media at…


Sam Octigan

is a Melbourne-based artist and painter. Known for working across a range of mediums for a range of audiences, marrying traditional and contemporary techniques, his…


Girls And Their Cats

is a photography project by New-York photographer BriAnne Wills who has created a Tumblr entirely dedicated to the portraits she makes of women posing at home with their cats….


Marco Bekk

is a German photographer based in Hamburg. More about Marco Bekk and his works here.


Kit King

is a fine artist and painter. Born November 29th, 1987, of two artist parents, she was raised with significant creative influence. She has witnessed…


Mr Bingo

is a London-based illustrator. Mr Bingo works from his studio, in Shoreditch, London.” He describes himself as having a “slightly smaller than average” head and “girl’s arms,” plus…