Romolo Milito

is an Italian photographer based in Milan and is also known as L’un des Nombreux. Expressive portraits and nudes impersonal subjects are almost obsessive that…


Ayla El-Moussa

is a New York-based photographer who creates powerful images in this editorial for 25th Century. More about Ayla El-Moussa and her works here.


Complements Project

is a collaboration project by Leta Sobierajski and Wade Jeffree who create the Complements Project born from their desire to collaborate, exploring their complementary relationship through portrait photography….


Justyna Nerying

is a famous Polish photographer who is the creator of the series “Childhood Lost”: a collection of portraits showing kids dressed like classical Dutch paintings’…


Jie Ma

is a Chinese concept designer and art director who creates incredible digital imaginary worlds. He lives and works in Shanghai, China. More about Jie…


Tadahiko Hisatomi

is a Japanese photographer based in Tokyo who has an ambient journalistic approach. Her series of work labeled as ‘A Japanese Image’. More about Tadahiko…

Guido van Helten 1

Guido van Helten

is an Australian street artist who creates incredible wall murals. Guido van Helten has turned entire cities into picture albums thanks to his enormous…

Radenko Milak 2

Radenko Milak

is a Bosnian artist who has interrogated the notion of private and public memory through the medium of painting. Using mostly watercolor to “translate” photographs…


Tiles of Wisdom

is a new project by Dutch artist and art director Max Siedentopf. The series consisting of 9 tiles featuring contemporary wisdom by the great…