Jen Davis

is a Brooklyn-based photographer whose incredible self-portraiture project spans a decade of delicate delvings into the placid chaos of beauty, body image and identity. For the…


Kristal Melson

is a Singapore-based illustrator wo creates intricately bizarre illustrations. More about Kristal Melson and her works here.  


Sergey Koparov

is a Russian digital painter. His works are very inspired by science fiction games and movies. More about Sergey Koparov and his works here.


Marc Sijan

is a Milwaukee-based sculptor. He creates incredibly hyperrealistic sculptures depicting ordinary people. He is is a very private individual, and rarely talks about himself despite his world class…


Jordan Sondler

is a New York based illustrator. Her work spans both digital, print, and three dimensional forms with a focus in pattern. Her clients have included Brooklyn…


Lana Prins

is a Dutch photographer. She’s inspired by beautiful girls and daily emotions, she seduces the viewer to not just see the images itself, but also make them think…


The Aunties Project

is a ongoing painting series by American painter Aleah Chapin who has caused controversy with her realistic paintings of nude older women. It started with…


Looping doodles

by Nashville-based illustrator Drew Tyndell. He has been sharing some cool experiments with looping animation on Vimeo. More about Drew Tyndell and his works here.