For the Love of Dogs

A photographic series by Chris Sembrot about unconditional love between man and man’s best friend. “He claims that the owners changed their biochemistry by smooching…


Hae Jung Lee

is a Toronto-based artist. She studied Visual Arts at York University in Toronto, Canada. “My obsession with documentation is reflected in my artistic practice. I make…


Gustavo Peña

is a Dominican painter. He dabbles in painting, illustration and photography. Although ‘dabbles’ probably isn’t the best word for it; he’s really, really good at…


Jackson Slattery

is a Melbourne-born artist. He lives and works between Melbourne and Montreal. Well-known for his meticulously detailed watercolours, Jackson Slattery works with found images and…



A project by Matt Moore & Jason Kreher. Schadenfreezers are offensive and unexpected jokes one might find on Popsicle sticks.     via supersonicelectronic

Murals of La Jolla: Fred Tomaselli, "Expecting to Fly"

Murals of La Jolla

Murals of La Jolla was conceived in 2010 as a means to enhance the civic character of the community by commissioning public art projects…

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Array #1

Last time we have introduced you to Adam Magyar’s work stainless – which captured waiting people in subway stations in slowmotion. Now it’s time…


Erin M Riley

is a Brooklyn-based artist. She studied at Massachusetts College of Art and Design Boston and Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. She takes the images that usually…


Eric White

is a New York based-painter. He studied at Rhode Island School of Design in Providence. His palette and imagery seems to come straight from somewhere…