50 Years of Bowie Hairstyles in a Single GIF

by British illustrator Helen Green.

David Bowie turned 68 on January 8, meaning that he’s been gracing the world with his taboo-breaking music, fashion sense, and hair styles for about 50 years. In celebration, illustrator Helen Green drew every notable hairstyle the chameleonic pop star adopted throughout his career, and turned it into one mesmerizing GIF.

Helen Green, graduating in 2014 with a first class BA (Hons) in Illustration at Birmingham Institute of Art & Design. She specialises mainly in portraiture – particularly inspired by the music and fashion that influence her – with a varying yet distinctive figurative style. In 2011 she was lucky enough to have her work admired by her muse Lady Gaga online and in person, and subsequently became part of her Haus collective, working on projects for her and the Born This Way Foundation. Her work generally lends itself to areas such as fashion/lifestyle editorials and merchandise.

More about Helen Green and her works here and here.


david david1 david2

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