Nick Smith 2

Pantone swatch collages

by British designer Nick Smith who is obsessed with Dazzle camouflage & colour psychology More about Nick Smith and his works here.  

Valeria Trasatti 1

Valeria Trasatti & Manuel Fazzini

are Italian artists based in Rome, Italy. Miss and Mr. FOX is an experiment photography and illustration (not Photoshop) series.Photo by Valeria Trasatti and illustration…


Rocio Montoya

is a photographer, designer and editor based in Madrid, Spain. Her specialty is the experimental photography, land on which has moved from its creative…


Teresa Freitas

is a Portugese photographer who is inspired by everything surrounding her, from the sea to the sky including garden flowers. In her Instagram gallery, the…


Down The River

is a photography series by Adrian Skenderovic who captures the life on The Seine, by looking down on tourists looking at Paris. In Paris, tourist boats…


Lo Cheuk Lun

is a Hong Kong based photographer. With his studio STUFF he work primarily with Chinese leading and world leading luxury brands, magazines and advertising agencies. Under the…


Giuseppe Lo Schiavo

is an Italian artist based in London who comes back with his project “Wind Sculptures”. He wanted to create natural and unpredictable sculptures shaped by…


Luke Stephenson

is a British photographer based in London. Life in Britain and the British psyche are at the core of Lukes work. He photographs what…


Eckart Hahn

is a German painter based in Reutlingen, Germany. ‘Eckart Hahn is an uncanny perfect painter, who entirely in accordance with traditions has a complete…