is a series of events that pass you by as an imperceptible flash by New York-based architectural photography studio floto+warner. A fleeting moment, that…


Stars of Brazil 2014

is an illustration series by Norwegian illustrator Rudi Gundersen who is based in Trondheim, Norway. This is a project Rudi Gundersen started some months…


Gabriel Grun

is an Argentinian obscure figurative painter based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His renaissance/baroque like approach explores the realms of sexuality, fantasy, and nature in an originative way. His…


Victoria Siemer

also known as Witchoria is a visual artist/graphic designer based in Brooklyn, New York. She manipulates landscapes in a minimalistic manner. More works of Victoria…


Song Lee

is a Korean painter based in Seoul/Bucheon, South Korea. He studied Painting at College of Fine Art, Chung-Ang University  in Seoul, Korea. Check his tumblr…


Christiane Vleugels

is a Belgian painter based in Antwerp, Belgium. She produces highly-detailed figurative oil on canvas paintings. After completing 2 years at the Royal Academy…


Gaetan Henrioux

is a French painter. He lives and works in Paris and Brooklyn, New York. He explores sexuality and eccentric oddities through an expressionistic approach. More…


Brianna Capozzi

is an American fashion photographer currently based in New York. While her subject matter is almost exclusively aesthetically pleasing women, Brianna Capozzi uses the female form…


Mojo Wang

is a Chinese illustrator/digital artist based out of Shanghai. He draws eccentric oddities and themes of queer intimacy. More about Mojo Wang and his works here.