Meizhen XU

is a London-based fashion illustrator. She started drawing 3 years ago using pencil and then render it with filters in photoshop. More works of Meizhen Xu…


Anna Jensen

is an American contemporary artist. “Her paintings are psychological landscapes and emotionally complex narratives. She combine references to art history, pop culture, natural science…


Kaethe Butcher

is a German illustrator. She creates erotic drawings that are rooted in Art Nouveau and the seductive drawings and paintings of Egon Schiele. The illustrator has…


Vases Created from Hundreds of Pencils

by Amsterdam-based Studio Markunpoika. The studio is producing vases made out of hundreds of pencils in a series called “Amalgamated”. The writing utensils are treated as raw…


Yigal Ozeri

is a New York City based Israeli painter. He’s best known for his large-scale cinematic portraits of young women in vast transcending landscapes. His near…


World Cup Champions

by German painter Kim-Vanessa Christensen. The Meerbusch-based painter has come up with some fantastic paintings of the players who helped make this victory possible. More…

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Share the Nipple

Nipples have recently been politicized in popular media. At issue has been a woman’s rights to bare her breasts and the sometimes severe consequences…


Daniel Sebastian Schaub

is a German photographer based in Berlin. He studied photography at Neue Schule für Fotografie in Berlin. “Death, capital, transparency and simulation are all…

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World Cup Cuisine

is a photo series of international food mashups celebrating the 2014 World Cup playoff matches by San Francisco-based interactive artist and designer George Zisiadis….