Konrad Wimmel is in Town!

is a photography series by German photographer Jan von Holleben who creates a colorful series depicts kids in playful scenes in composite images made…


Colin Batty

is a British artist who creates hilariously bizarre characters by painting modifications on vintage cabinet card portrait photos. Remarkably, Batty augments each photo the old…


Bahadır Barute

is a Turkish painter  and caricaturist who first rose to prominence with his magazine cartoons but has since delved into digital paintings and videos. The artist is…


Amira Fritz

is a German photographer who was born in 1979 in Rosenheim, Germany. She grew up in the countryside and moved to Vienna to study photography. During…


The Cocoon Series

is a photography series by American photographer E.E. McCollum. The nude figure enshrouded in a body cocoon is both sculptural and transformed. He discovered…


Dear Erin Hart

Photographer Jessamyn Lovell got her wallet (and her identity) stolen at a gallery in San Francisco. To get revenge, she decided to make an art…



Italian street artist Francesco Camillo Giorgino, commonly known as Millo, creates lovely and huge doodle like murals. Check his instagram and his website for more….


The Happiest Dog In The World

is an ongoing photography series by Thailand-based photographer Sorasart Wisetsin who efers to his canine muse Gluta as “the happiest dog in the world,” and her boundless joy is…


Ben Bernschneider

is a German photographer. After winning several prizes (THE ONE SHOW – Gold, Bronze-Nagel ADC 2003, KLAPPE 2003 in Bronze, Auszeichnung ADC 2003, Golden…