Hudson Christie

is an award-winning Toronto-based artist who creates his works by building fantastic little sculptures. He worked with the NYT Book Review, ESPN Magazine, Maisonneuve, and…



is a series by German talented illustrator and artist Sarah Illenberger. This is photographic series of flowers arranged in the style of fireworks. Photographed…


Zach McCaffree

is an American photographer based in Los Angeles. “I get inspired by anyone with natural talent who steps outside of the norm and does…


Two Lovers

is a photography series by French photographer Maud Chalard. Candid photographs of couples in different situations mostly at home, allowing us to have a deep view…

Nettie Wakefield 2[4]

Nettie Wakefield

is a 26 year old British female artist living and working in London. Her work is predominantly pencil work. She completed a foundation year at…



is a Taiwanese photographer based in Taipei. He takes bright and saturated photographs which impressed us deeply! His models often wearing white dresses in…



is a French illustrator based in Paris who developed her own realistic and poetic style. Although she prefers using traditional techniques, she enjoys experimenting…


Jeffrey Jones

was an American artist whose work is best known from the late 1960s through 2000s. Jones provided over 150 covers for many different types of books…


Gloria Marigo

is an Italian photographer . She currently lives in Lecco. She worked as assistant photographer/ graphic. Gloria Marigo is a very reserved and quiet girl….