Jamie Diamond

is an American photographer based in New York and a lecturer in photography at the University of Pennsylvania. Her photographs explore the photography’s relationship to…



is an illustration series by Amit Shimoni who is a young Israeli designer and illustrator, he likes to engage with the gaps between reality…


Living Dolls

For the december/january 2015 issue of vogue paris, italian photographer Giampaolo Sgura has staged supermodels Magdalena Frackowiak and Elisabeth Erm as living dolls. Enclosed in barbie-like…


Alexis Vasilikos

is a Greek artist based in Athens, Greece. He has been widely covered by print and online publications and has taken part in exhibitions…

Rala Choi 5

Rala Choi

is a Korean photographer based in Seoul. More about Rala Choi and her works here.


Victor Grasso

is an American painter. His works grab your mind, sprit, senses and childhood simultaneously and immediately. It’s all of Jules Verne, Tim Burton and…


James Taylor Gray

is an American illustrator and painter living in Portland, Oregon. His background, both professionally and academically, is in literature, writing and music. He seeks to…

Ofra Amit 1

Ofra Amit

is a Israeli illustrator. She studied architecture but then graduated in Visual Communication in Wizo Academy of Design in Haifa, Israel. Ofra Amit worked for…


Leandro Quintero

is an Argentinian photographer. He was born in 1978 in Buenos Aires where he studied at the National School of Photography until 2001. After spending…