A Handbook for Dog Walkers

is a photography series by Tomas Werner, a Slovak artist who is exploring the intersection between photography, video and performance. In his work he questions the pre-defined rules and how we perceive them based on our socio-historical development. He currently lives and works in Miami.

The series is about a small dog called Q that Tomas Werner met when he was in between ‘real’ jobs. Having lots of free time, he started to look after his friend’s dog. It didn’t take long before he started photographing him, often placing him on various kinds of pedestals. Q would be always eager to pose, it almost seemed like he was waiting to be photographed.

More about Tomas Werner and his works here.

A-Handbook-for-Dog-Walkers-Tomáš-Werner_01 A-Handbook-for-Dog-Walkers-Tomáš-Werner_02 A-Handbook-for-Dog-Walkers-Tomáš-Werner_03 A-Handbook-for-Dog-Walkers-Tomáš-Werner_04 A-Handbook-for-Dog-Walkers-Tomáš-Werner_05 A-Handbook-for-Dog-Walkers-Tomáš-Werner_06 A-Handbook-for-Dog-Walkers-Tomáš-Werner_07 A-Handbook-for-Dog-Walkers-Tomáš-Werner_08 A-Handbook-for-Dog-Walkers-Tomáš-Werner_09 A-Handbook-for-Dog-Walkers-Tomáš-Werner_10

Do you remember Gluta – the happiest dog in the world?


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