Alessia Iannetti

is an Italian illustrator.

Alessia Iannetti was born in Carrara (Italy) in 1985 and graduated at the Accademy of Fine Arts where she had the opportunity to study with the famous Artist and Professor Omar Galliani from whom she inherited the complex graphite on board thechnique as “Estigmate” of the most faschinating contemporary illustration, with its cinematographic views and close ups made of blacks and whites and infinite variations of gray, that give back to the monochrome and the drawing the excellence of intensity.
As a reply to modern conceptual lenguage, no more so deeply contemporary, Alessia Iannetti, already placed between the most interesting artists from New Pop and New Surrealism international scene, offers a highcultured Art, which is aware of its figurative turn and proudly follows the onirical and surrealistic aspects of Neoclassicism movement.

More about Alessia Iannetti and her works here.

Alessia Iannetti 1[3] Alessia Iannetti 2[3] Alessia Iannetti 3[3] Alessia Iannetti 4[3] Alessia Iannetti 5[8] Alessia Iannetti 6[3] Alessia Iannetti 7[3] Alessia Iannetti 8[3] Alessia Iannetti 9[2]

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