Alexander Khokhlov

and Veronica Ershova is a Russian photographers duo world renowned for it’s creative projects. Unconventional ideas and daring approach to common shootings are their calling card.

The combination of unusual ideas, photographic skills and careful retouching helps duo to create any visual solutions – from amazing art-projects to peculiar collages for adverising.Alexander and Veronica really care about the quality of their shootings, that’s why the duo collaborates only with top-level stylists, make-up artists, image designers, etc.

Alexander and Veronica’s work featured in world mass media including USA Today, CNN, Fox Tv, NBC News, SBS (Australia), Scientific American MIND, Professional Photographer, Huffington Post, The Daily Mail, Wired, Holland Herald, Stern, 20 minutos, and others. The work Silhouette from Weird Beauty series featured in the book Illusion Confusion: The Wonderful World of Optical Deception by famous publishing house Thames & Hudson (London).

More about Alexander Khokhlov and his works here.

Alexander Khokhlov 1[3] Alexander Khokhlov 2[3] Alexander Khokhlov 3[3] Alexander Khokhlov 4[3] Alexander Khokhlov 5[3] Alexander Khokhlov 6[3] Alexander Khokhlov 7[3] Alexander Khokhlov 8[4] Alexander Khokhlov 9[3] Alexander Khokhlov 10[3]

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