Alexandra Lekias

is an Australian illustrator.

Alexandra Lekias was born and lives in Perth, Western Australia. She has exhibited in three sell out solo exhibitions most recently at Linton & Kay Contemporary Gallery, Perth, Western Australia in 2011, and Friends of Leon Gallery, Sydney, New South Wales in 2010. Working primarily with pen, ink and watercolour on Arches paper, she creates large focused line drawings. Each piece rendered in loving detail requires hundreds of hours to complete, and very mark is indelible, a practice that reflects her dedication to notions of memory, ‘nostalgia’ and retrospective experience and the process of forging identity.

‘My work is a collection of mass cultural quotations, samples and references that influence our personal identity. These stories are designed to bring back a sense of memory about one’s own experiences.’

More about Alexandra Lekias and her works here.

alex alex1 alex2 alex3 alex4 alex5 alex6 alex7

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