Animal Selfies

These wildlife photographs are taken by remotely-activated camera traps in India. It seems the selfies fad has spread to the animal kingdom. You could say the animals took the photos themselves, as they were captured by cameras activated by the presence of wildlife. Camera traps triggered by a motion sensor or an infrared sensor allow researchers to study animal behaviour and numbers in the wild without human intervention. Dr K Ullas Karanth, director of the Wildlife Conservation Society-India (WCS-India) pioneered the use of camera traps in conservation in the early 1990s. Since then, they have taken more than a million photos. WCS-India has been able to build up a photo database of over 750 uniquely identifiable wild tigers.

Read more about the project at National Geographic.

camera-trap-bird camera-trap-bear animal-trap-elephant camera-trap-antelope camera-trap-tiger camera-trap-muntjac animal-trap-hoopoe animal-trap-langur animal-trap-leopard camera-trap-monkey

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