Animated GIF-ITI from Space by INSA

UK street artist INSA is known for his animated Gif-iti wall pieces, but now takes it up another level: This time he creates the world largest animated graffiti from space. “I am going to create four paintings in four days. Then photograph each painting  from the satelite from space and then turn those four images into a 1 second gif.” – INSA


“Each heart alone is 24 metres across, and not being able to step back and see the work in progress meant I had to rely quite a lot on my calculations on scraps of papers. There was months of back and forth discussions, location scouting,” he adds. “The design and planning I did on my own, a logistics team were coordinating the satellite and filming, then my assistant along with a team of 20 people were on site to help get it done.”

“Once the work was done, we had to wait a week until the images were sent back to us from space,” INSA explains. “This was a very tense moment because we couldn’t be sure the project had worked until we overlaid all four days’ images together. Once the images were retrieved it was a simple process of overlaying them into a looping gif; for me the actual gif was made in space by the satellite – I just had to compress it fit for web viewing.”

via creativereview


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