Anne Barlinckhoff

is a Dutch photographer based in Amsterdam who is one of the freshest emerging talents.

“The moment of feeling so passionately about something that nothing else in the world seems to exist: this is the pursuit that absorbs me. I love photographing the people I love, the people I admire, the famous, and especially the infamous. I have a deep love for this planet and everything on it. Daily life is such a beautiful thing; inspiration is everywhere. I work intuitively but sometimes if my eye catches a certain composition or idea I move everything around to simplify the photograph; to focus on the emotional register of the action. I don’t always have a complete, preconceived idea of exactly what I’m going to do. I’m depending on my surroundings and subject and what comes to me in that moment. Often by doing so, it is as if everything happens in an instant. I just have to be quick, to respond. Which creates a certain spontaneity; sometimes the images look like they happened by chance. Like beautiful mistakes.”

More about Anne Barlinckhoff and her works here.

anne anne1 anne2 anne3 anne4 anne5 anne6 anne7 anne8 anne9 anne10 anne11 anne13 anne14


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