Ties & Self by Annegret Soltau

Two series by german artist Annegret Soltau of 1975-76. The first – Ties – is a performance documented with photos. The second – Self – extends the performance by what she calls “Übernähung” which means she has stiched an addinional pattern over the photographs.

Verbindungen (Ties) 

“In the mid-70s, etched lines on the metal plate became drawings that could be experienced with the body. Performing an experiment on myself, I wrapped my own face in black yarn. At public events, I wrapped people, tied them to one another, thus connecting them. I wanted to make visible the dependencies, communicative relationships, and the extent to which we are controlled by others. Relationships can be painful; they leave marks that cannot be erased, or can be erased only with great difficulty; they lead to formation, or deformation, to injury. When I untied the people, I released them in a new and necessary way.” – Annegret

SOLTAU SPINNWE2 SOLTAU SPINNWE1 Bilder web. 086 Performance Neues Bild

Selbst (Self)

“These are my first projects using thread in the context of photography. Using gray silk thread, I overstitched self-portraits and created a filigree of threads over my own face. I started with a photograph taken during a performance piece, and stitched over the thread in the photo using real thread. The reverse side shows the traces of the work on the front side as a spontaneous haptic drawing, an unconscious by-product of the main piece.” – Annegret

Selbst 1975 front Selbst 1975 back Selbst 1975 2 front Selbst 1975 2 back self performing, Galerie Merkle 2010 105 self performing, Galerie Merkle 2010 106

Check her website for the complete series and more of her work.

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