Archisculpture Collages

is a photography series by South Korean artist Beomsik Won.

Antigravity, the new subtitle of the Archisculpture, is one of the Deconstructivism techniques, like a collage that has been used for the existing Archisculpture project. The trend of Deconstructive Architecture based on French philosopher Jacques Derrida’s theory dismantles the basis of architecture, having doubts about the ideological completeness of Modernism, and it rejects underlying principles, such as gravity and structures in the centrism of architecture and expresses a relative diversity through antigravity and other methods.
The antigravity in Archisculpture artworks assists to express a tension which is one of the structural fascinations in the genre of sculpture and it also means being awakened from the big common trends in the stereotypical society.

More about Beomsik Won and his works here.

Beomsik WON 1 Beomsik WON 2 Beomsik WON 3 Beomsik WON 4 Beomsik WON 5 Beomsik WON 6 Beomsik WON 7 Beomsik WON 8 Beomsik WON 9 Beomsik WON 10

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