Artworks based on 3D models of artist’s vagina

Japanese artist Megumi Igarashi is known for her artworks based on a 3D model of her vagina.

“To date, the 42-year old artist, who goes by the pseudonym rokudenashi-ko ( “good-for-nothing kid”) was most well known for a crowd-funded project to create a kayak based on 3D modeling data of her own vagina. In an interview last year Igarashi explained that the project was in response to her own self doubt. In a country where the female anatomy is “overly hidden,” she “did not know what a pussy should look like.””


“She was arrested on Monday for sending 3D modeling data of her vagina. She’s accused of distribution of obscene material electronically, but has denied all charges saying “I do not acknowledge that (the work) is an obscenity.” A petition has already been set up to protest the charges, which represent a double-standard in a country which sanctions an annual penis festival and is also disturbingly behind by almost any internationalpornography standard.” – via

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The artist Megumi Igarashi.

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