Au Panthéon! An installation by JR

The restoration work being carried out on the Pantheon is one of largest projects in Europe and the monumental self-supporting scaffolding system is a great technical feat.

The Centre des Monuments Nationaux has chosen to commission contemporary artist JR to create a participatory work inspired by his INSIDE OUT project, encapsulating the humanistic and universal values embodied by the Pantheon.

Portraits have been collected during the month of March 2014, and will be used to make this work, that will be displayed on the worksite hoardings placed around the drum on the monument. Collection was made possible through the website and in JR’s itinerant photo booth truck, which visited nine national monuments.

The portraits that best represent the diversity of the contemporary world will be used to create a mosaic that will be visible around the drum beneath the dome, and on certain places within the monument. The aim is to use all of the portraits in the final work. It will be inaugurated on June 3rd.

More about JR and the project here.

TOPSHOTS-FRANCE-PHOTOGRAPHY-JR JR-pantheon-2 7772409356_jr-expose-une-oeuvre-monumentale-au-pantheon-a-paris-depuis-le-3-juin-2014 FRANCE-PHOTOGRAPHY-JR

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