Bahadır Barute

is a Turkish painter  and caricaturist who first rose to prominence with his magazine cartoons but has since delved into digital paintings and videos. The artist is the co-founder of the weekly humor magazine Penguen where he has been drawing since 2002. The Istanbul-based artist’s style can be described as hauntingly beautiful, with surrealist imagery and dreamy, muted color palettes. Secrets, lies, and social taboos are deconstructed through ghostly scenarios, blended with dark humor.

In 2011, Baruter was put on trial for a caricature he drew in which he renounced God and religion. The Istanbul chief public prosecutor’s office charged Baruter with “insulting the religious values adopted by a part of the population” and requested his imprisonment for up to one year.

More about Bahadır Barute and his works here.

baruter1 baruter2 baruter3 baruter4 baruter5 baruter6 baruter7 baruter8 baruter9 baruter10 baruter11 baruter12

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