Bernardi Roig

is a Spanish artist based in Madrid and Mallorca, Spain.

The Artist makes use of media as it suits him, and his sculptures, installations, videos, and drawings use the human figure as the conceptual center. However, regardless of the medium chosen, Roig’s creations revolve on the concepts of body confinement and stifled vision. He creates a pulsing vitality by working between what appears to be traditional sculpture and what is actually the Artist’s new conceptual minimalism. His notorious white sculptures – casts of real people – represent a journey where the memory of the image plays a vital role. “This communicative error is the thing,” Roig explains, “this is the distance there is between the interior experience and the form . . . that’s why I create an image as an incident on the threshold of visibility.”

More about Bernhardi Roig and his works here.

Bernardi Roig 1 Bernardi Roig 2 Bernardi Roig 3 Bernardi Roig 4 Bernardi Roig 5 Bernardi Roig 6 Bernardi Roig 7 Bernardi Roig 8 Bernardi Roig 9

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