Bill Henson

is an Australian photographer who has long been a staple in the photography world, sometimes with controversty attached.

The use of chiaroscuro is common throughout his works, through underexposure and adjustment in printing. His photographs’ use of bokeh is intended to give them a painterly atmosphere. The work is often presented as diptychs, triptychs and in other groupings, and the exhibitions are specifically curated by Henson to reflect a sense of musicality.

Duality is a recurring theme of Henson’s work, often in combination with adolescent subjects. He frequently employs a flattened perspective through the use of telephoto lenses. His works are often in the form of staged tableaux in which faces of the subjects are often blurred or partly shadowed and do not directly face the viewer.

But this series is dark, mysterious, a little creepy, as you go in and out of the light and see subjects emerge and fall back into the darkness. 

More about Bill Henson and his works here.

bill-henson-2 bill-henson-4 bill-henson-10 bill-henson-20 bill-henson-22 bill-henson-23 bill-henson-24 bill-henson-25 bill-henson-26 bill-henson-27 bill-henson-37 bill-henson-40

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Hello, I'm Carolin. I'm a designer and concepter. I love space travel, smooth beats, simplicity and Star Wars. I've studied visual communication at Offenbach Academy of Art and Design and arts management at Freie Universität Berlin. Say hi on instagram @carolingoelder

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