Markus Mrugalla

is a German artist with Polish roots. Grown up in Fulda, he now lives and works in Berlin. More about Markus Mrugalla and his…

Bora Yurteri

“A canvas is a mirror”, Berlin based artist Bora Yurteri describes his paintings as an outlet for his feelings. Free translation from his press…

66.6 faces of trump

Therapy through confrontation is the idea behind this project of Valentin Scheiner. He drew 66 Trump heads plus a “60% Version” of his face…

Matthew Cox

is a Philadelphia- based artist who embraces and joins a variety of media to produce several thematic series of work. Medical x-rays and embroidery,…

Isamaya Ffrench

is a British Make-Up Artist, illustrator and Concept Developer for awesome photo stories. Isamaya Ffrench grew up in Cambridge but at 18, she moved…


is a German art director based in Berlin who is “creating simple images with a twist”. More about @tonyfutura and his works here.  

Naro Pinosa

is a Spanish artist who creates incredible and beautiful collages. More about Naro Pinosa and his works here or here.

Ricci Albenda

is an American contemporary visual artist and sculptor born in 1966.  Ricci Albenda specializes in three-dimensional representations of distorted architectural spaces and walls of words….


is our favorite instagram profile by Lorenzo Castellini who recreates new masterpieces. “Great masters having great times” Check the instagram profile here.

Franz Falckenhaus

is a Polish artist currently based in Krakow, Poland. Franz Falckenhaus studied and graduated with a degree in Information Technology and Computer related Studies. Although…