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Chris Rellas

is a young American artist and also known as @copylab. Chris Rellas takes historic pieces of art and plants designer it-pieces into the painting….


Gluten Free Museum

is a Tumblr which re-creates iconic images sans grains. A mysterious French guy has been posting amazing images on the Tumblr site “Gluten Free Museum,”…


Cayce Zavaglia

is an American artist. She was originally trained as a painter, but switched to embroidery 12 years ago in an attempt to establish a…


Nick Gentry

is a British artist whose practice revolves around contributed artifacts and materials. His signature works include paintings using floppy disks and film negatives, and…


April Dauscha

is an American artist. She studied Fashion Design at International Academy of Design & Technology in Chicago and Fiber at Virginia Commonwealth University in…


The Polemic Art of Maurizio Cattelan

Maurizio Cattelan is one of the best known shock figures in the contemporary art world; he’s not afraid of being outspoken and he’s not afraid…


Body Language

by London-based artist Matthew Stone. He creates human landscapes. In his photography Stone uses the interplay of light and darkness to create raw material for his sculptural…

andré pillay 1

André Pillay

is a self-taught artist based in Port Elizabeth , South Africa .Many forms of visual art has interested him. He has worked in ceramics…