Culinary Canvas

is a project by Vancouver-based artist Lauren Purnell. She creates awesome food canvases. More food art here.


Fat Cat Art

The Russian site “Great Artists’ Mews” curates images of cats reigning over classic and modern art pieces. The site about art, created for “art-loving cats”,…


Body Lettering

by Japanese artist and designer Mikihiro Yamashita aka Mikitype. ‘Practicing calligraphy and typeface design he is one of the most interesting persons in Tokyo when…


Erin M Riley

is a Brooklyn-based artist. She studied at Massachusetts College of Art and Design Boston and Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. She takes the images that usually…


Flight Intestine

by British typography designer and digital designer Chris LaBrooy. Last year we introduced Chris LaBrooy’s project Auto Aerobics. You remember? More stuff of Chris…


Louise Riley

is an UK artist. She studied Fine Art Textiles at Winchester School of Art. “The naked body is timeless, it is out of fashion and context,…


Shopped Tattoos

is the name of  a Tumblr based online gallery that curates images of celebrities that were photoshopped to look like heavily tattooed, ordinary people….


After School Club 3

On March 24th, the After School Club will once again open its gates to welcome students from all over the globe. Over the course…