Jessica Dance

is a British textile artist and prop stylist who gives common objects a touch more tangibility, turning electronics and accessories into knit copies of themselves…


Shopping Bags

is the latest work of the conceptual German artist Simon Freund who is utilising the basic black frame structure of a metal chair, Simon…


Chunky Knits

by Ukraine-based Anna Mo who not only uses extremely thick sections of wool, but also XXL needles to produce her three-inch-thick stitches. More about Anna Mo…

Original photograph: From Dreams of the Forest, 1927 by Ata Kando

Eleanor Macnair

Eleanor Macnair recreates iconic photographs by various artists with play-doh. Check her instagram and tumblr for more (also with some making of photos). Via taxi



is a project by South African artist Chris Slabber who is inspired by the works of Alberto Seveso. He created his own series of paint in…


10 seconds

Mike Heist has been working in the neon industry in Portland, Oregon for 30 years. He is a master in his craft, and is…


Head in the clouds

is a sculptural cloud of plastic bottles illustrates one hour of trash in NYC by STUDIOKCA (Studio Klimoski Chang Architects), a Brooklyn, New York-based architecture…


3D Renderings of Humans

These portraits are considered to be the best 3D rendered portraits of humans. Everything about these images, from the expressive eyes to the scattering…


Architecture Animée

by Axel de Stampa. In his series, Axel de Stampa uses GIF format to develop a different approach. While the visitor doesn’t move, the building…


White Elephant

A Life-Size Origami Elephant folded from a single piece of paper. “Professional origami artist Sipho Mabona has created a huge, life-sized elephant with just one sheet of…