Graphic Design


Ernesto Artillo

is a Madrid based artist. He makes beautiful fashion collages  and sells numbered copies of digital collages, originals made by hand and even collages by…


Leon Thau

is a Stuttgart based typoholic, stroke-affine illustrator and graphic-designer. His illustrative work often displays strong characters in motion, placed with pathos and strong colouring. He works between…


The Diving Bell

The Diving Bell is Senan Lee & Pansy Aung’s (aka Salt’n’Pepper Squid) first piece of artwork together. Initially just a fleeting conversation around the…


Paper Faces by Héctor Sos

Barcelona based designer hector sos created this series of unusual paper creations for a spanish paper company. More work of Héctor Sos here.


Artworks by Sougwen Chung

“Sougwen Chung is an interdisciplinary artist whose work explores transitional edges – where the mark-made-by-hand meets the mark-made-by-machine, where light meets sound, and form…