Ana Yael

is a Spanish illustrator based in Barcelona. Ana has rich stack of professional experiences in editorial illustration. His work can be seen on book…


Tomasz Wagner

is a Digital illustrator based in Warsaw, Poland. More about Tomasz Wagner and his works here.



is a drawing project by London-based illustrator Joe Stone who has revealed the hidden life of everyone’s favourite roaring furball in a brilliant cartoon series. “I’m…


Auf Wiedersehen

is the pseudonym of Jacqueline Smith who hails from Melbourne, Australia. She draws and watercolours shy girls for us to comfort and sculpts tiny landscapes for us to…


Chloe Bennett

is an Australian illustrator who studied Visual Arts in the Northern Territory and on the North Coast of Australia.  Chloe Bennett works across a range of…


Irina Kruglova

is a Chicago-based illustrator who is also known as Monscribbles. Irina Kruglova is renowned for her striking, colourful illustrations that focus on minimalism and…


Ben Edmunds

is an emerging artist living and working in London. He received a BA with Honors in Painting at the Wimbledon College of Art and…


Ricardo Fumanal

is a Spanish illustrator currently based in London, where he strengthened his interest for the world of fashion and advertising. His weapons are the…


Kazuhiro Hori

is a Japanese painter who is using elements from the childhood like jam, small soldiers, teddy bears, confettis, the water guns and candies to turns…


Molly Bounds

is a Denver-based illustrator and printmaker. Her prints explore how power, authority, and the structural training of doubt can undermine those who lack agency in…