Yanni Floros

is an Adelaide based Australian artist who is trained as an artist at the national Art School in Sydney and works primarily in charcoal….


Sebastian Pytka

is a young Polish graphic design and artist who has takes a critical look to the society we live in. More about Sebastian Pytka and…


Claire Milbrath

is a freelance artist living in Montreal, QC. She is also editor-in-chief at The Editorial Magazine. Her work is vulgar, yet so addicting, you just…


Luke Painter

is a Toronto-based illustrator who is heavily influenced by his interest in historical trends in interior design and architecture. In the past few years he has…


Sacha Berg

is a Russian illustrator based in Moscow, Russia. More about Sacha Berg and his works here.


Thomas Cian

is a Milan-based artist who creates these incredible drawings. More about Thomas Cian and his works here.


Cath Riley

is a British artist who is based in London, UK. The emphasis, and main body of Cath Riley’s work, has always been of a…


Whooli Chen

is a Taiwanese illustrator based in Taipei, Taiwan who has a MA degree in illustration field from University of the Arts London. She misses an urban fox…


Pablo Thecuadro

is a Spanish photographer & collage artist based in Madrid. More about Pablo Thecuadro and his works here.


Matthew Cox

is a Philadelphia- based artist who embraces and joins a variety of media to produce several thematic series of work. Medical x-rays and embroidery,…