Mouni Feddag

is a British illustrator who is a drawing person born & based in Nottingham, England, with a Communications Design degree from the University of Applied Sciences…


Yang Cao

is a Toronto-based illustrator who paints faceless figures. “I like the unpredictability of the cloud. It’s shapeless and changes all the time, it follows the wind…


Jean André

is a French illustrator and graphic designer who works for the famous music label Ed Banger. More about Jean André and his works here.


Ashley Nawn

is an American illustrator based in New York who created these ongoing funny series of Game of Thrones characters and their Tinder profiles.  More about…


Fulvio Obregon

is a Colombian illustrator based in Cali who pins past and present against each other for a series of digital drawings named, ‘me and my…


Julia Petrova

is a Russian illustrator based in Moscow. She creates amazing illustrations, mix of tropical, urban, horror and psychedelic influences. In a city that looks…


Angelika Peißker

is a German illustrator based in Leipzig that really captures the life in the human face. Her work is primarily black and white with a…



is a Kiev-born, Ontario-based illustrator who creates incredible pastel cosy works. More about Yuliya and her works here.


it’s no biggie

is a tumblr project by Lisette Berndt also known as Thoka Maer. Going by the name of Thoka Maer she illustrates and creates animated illustrations….


Oscar Grønner

is a Norway-based graphic designer and illustrator who features weird child-like illustrations in his online-portfolio which makes us smile everytime we look at them. His illustrations…