Motion Design

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A  proof-of-concept short short film by Mischa Rozema and PostPanic Pictures. “SUNDAYS completes a first step towards its Feature Film goal with the release…


Zack Dougherty

Update on Zack Dougherty’s digital work. As usual very weird but beautifully hypnotic gifs. More on our last post and at his tumblr. via…


Cloned Video GIFs

Turkish filmmaker, graffiti artist, and photographer Erdal Inci clones himself (meaning sections of video) to create stunning and hypnotic animated loops. via  



A real time face tracking and projection mapping project by Nobumichi Asai and friends. “Technical details behind the process are scant at the moment. From this Tumblr…


Jelly Gummies

A series of 3D motion experiments by Scotland based Sam Lyon. So weird, I’m sure you’ll like them. “I’m mostly just having some fun for…


Micael Reynaud

Micaël Reynaud is a French freelance designer who creates stunning Gif animations that he describes as “hypnotic very short films”. He recently has won an award…