Ines Longevial

is an art director and illustrator based in Paris, whose beautiful paintings of intertwined bodies are likely to have you looking twice. She breaks up…

Gra?yna Smalej "The Lawn of the Tate Modern"

Grażyna Smalej

is a Polish painter and a graphic artist. Recently, she has also participated in Centrifugal Group with the focus on street art and performance….


Sanja Milenkovic

is an emerging Serbian artist currently living and working in Paris and Milan. She studied painting and received a Master’s in Visual Arts at…


Fabio Coruzzi

is an Italian painter who lives between London and Los Angeles. Fabio Coruzzi’s language describes scenarios of social criticism, reflecting almost specularly the cultural…


Miguel Vallinas

is a Madrid based photographer who began his ‘Roots’ series with the intention of ‘investigating the roots in us all’. This whimsical photo series sees various…


Xue Ruozhe

is a Chinese painter who is currently based in London. Within his practice he’s interested in deconstructing the world we live in, de-familiarising it…


Evalie Wagner

is an emerging Austrian artist who earned an MFA in painting at the University of Art and Industrial Design in Linz, Austria and has…


Hanping Feng

is an emerging Chinese artist currently living and working in Chengdu, Sichuan, China. He earned a BA from the Art School of the Sichuan…


Kari-Lise Alexander

is a Seattle-based painter who creates such inspiring paintings. Kari-Lise Alexander’s work is rooted in the old folklore of her Scandinavian heritage as well as…


Inga Loyeva

is a London based painter who is interested in painting not only because of its versatility as a medium but also because of its rich…