Kal Mansur

is an emerging artist currently living and working in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He earned his BFA from the University of Texas. Kal’s minimalist acrylic…


Christine Wu

is a Los Angeles based artist whose work captures the ephemeral and fragmented body in flux. Stylistically, her work is multi-layered with haunting and sensual…


Cornelius Völker

is a German painter based in New York and Düsseldorf who studied at the famous Kunstakademie Düsseldorf with A.R. Penck and Dieter Krieg. “With a…


Elise Ansel

is an artist from NYC whose work is derived from historical Old Master paintings, using a painterly notation and shorthand to translate them into her own contemporary…


Inés Maestre

is a  young Spaniard artist with a short career – by now – in the illustration world who is, little by little, making herself…


The Low Bros

is a Berlin-based duo which is made up of brothers Christoph and Florin Schmidt – formerly active as graffiti writers Qbrk and Nerd. Their work most…


Pedro Covo

is a Colombian painter who grew up in Cartagena de Indias, a city by the Caribbean coast in the Northern part of Colombia. At 17 he…


Lily Greenwood

is an emerging artist living and working in Manchester, United Kingdom who earned a BA in Interactive Arts from the Manchester Metropolitan University. Lily…


Kati Williams

is an  Austin based painter who paints portraits of nature deities inspired by old master painters. More about Kati Williams and her works here.  


Stéfan Nandancée

is a Belgian painter who studied at famous Royal Academy Of Arts in Brussels in Belgium. In order to create an intimate paradigm, Stefan Nandancée’s…