The Low Bros

is a Berlin-based duo which is made up of brothers Christoph and Florin Schmidt – formerly active as graffiti writers Qbrk and Nerd. Their work most…


Pedro Covo

is a Colombian painter who grew up in Cartagena de Indias, a city by the Caribbean coast in the Northern part of Colombia. At 17 he…


Lily Greenwood

is an emerging artist living and working in Manchester, United Kingdom who earned a BA in Interactive Arts from the Manchester Metropolitan University. Lily…


Kati Williams

is an  Austin based painter who paints portraits of nature deities inspired by old master painters. More about Kati Williams and her works here.  


Stéfan Nandancée

is a Belgian painter who studied at famous Royal Academy Of Arts in Brussels in Belgium. In order to create an intimate paradigm, Stefan Nandancée’s…


Markus Åkesson

is a Swedish painter who  was born in Kalmar, Sweden, in 1975, but currently he lives and works in Pukeberg, Nybro, Sweden. These last few…


Javier Mayoral

is a Spanish self-taught artist currently based in Miami, Florida who sells his art, which ranges from scantilly clad women bending over next to captions about…


Matthew Saba

is an American painter based in Denver, Colorado who is obsessed with the frailty of light and the texture of paint. More about Matthew…


Jan Esmann

is a Danish self-taught painter, born 1960 in Denmark, raised in Bury, England, moved to Copenhagen 1967 and has lived there since. “Contemporary art,…


Richard Colman

is an American painter which work is known for blending figurative imagery and bold geometry. Typically using symmetrical compositions, Colman explores themes of human sexuality,…