Santiago Sepúlveda

is a designer/photographer originally hailing from Bogota, Columbia. More about Santiago Sepúlveda and his works here.

Luo Yang

is a very powerful and raw photographer based out of Beijing, China.  More about Luo Yang and her works here.  

Meltem Isik

is a Turkish artist who questions on the perception we have of our body. Meltem Isik makes portraits by placing big pictures of body parts before…

Anne-Laure Etienne

is a French photographer who presents this series called Fleeting. Anne-Laure Etienne explains that in her work the vegetation is quite naturally a symbol of development. More…

Dàniel Taylor

is a Hungarian artist who pays tribute to men and women though negative portraits, on a black background, and on which he filled the silhouettes by…

Nastia Cloutier-Ignatiev

is an 18 year old portrait, fashion and beauty photographer based in Montreal, Qc. Currently attending the Dawson College DEC Professional Photography program.  More…

Liza Zhakova

is a Russian photographer based in Saint-Peterburg, Russia who studied at The St. Petersburg Faculty of photojournalism  and the Fotodepartament.Insitute. More about Liza Zhakova and her works here….


is a new self-portrait series by talented and often (from us!) featured Hungarian photographer Flora Borsi. Flora Borsi uses exquisite photo manipulation to create surreal…

Stephanie Vovas

is a fine art and editorial photographer based in Los Angeles, California. Stephanie Vovas’ favorite thing to do is photograph people. She is obsessed…

Emilio Jiménez

is a Spanish photographer based in Madrid who creates incredible pictures with his camera. More about Emilio Jiménez  and his works here.