Karmen Ayvazyan

is an Belgium-based photographer who created surreal images combining disembodied ponytails with everyday objects in a minimal setting for her conceptual series ‘Hair’. Karmen Ayvazyan graduated with a Master’s degree of Photography…


Ksenia Telepova

is a Russian photographer, installation and performance artist based in Berlin. For her there are some basic moments which define her actions in art…


Natalia Mindru

is a Romanian photographer who captures love instants, in black and white, of couples. Named Iubiri Urbane (that we can traduce by “Urban Love”), she gives intimate,…


Carlota Guerrero

is a Barcelona-based photographer who captures evocative shots of everyday life on film. Carlota is a 25 year old photographer from Barcelona who has been…


Alicia Savage

is an American artist living in Boston, Massachusetts, United States who explores the relationship between the physical environment and internal thoughts in her works. Alicia…


Alex Freund

is a photographer and creative director based in Los Angeles via New York.  A native of Chicago, he moved east to attend Parsons School…


Emanuela D’Ambrosi

is an advertising, portraits, fashion and still life photographer based in Italy , majored in photography at the European Institute of Design in Rome….


Darren Rigo

is a Toronto-based photographer who created this eries “A Funny Thing”. More about Darren Rigo and his works here.


Elle Hanley

is an American Fine Art photographer currently living and working in Seattle. Her work is alluring and unexpected focusing mainly on capturing beauty and…


Riccardo La Valle

is a photographer from Milan, Italy who is young and talented, introspective and conceptual. Riccardo La Valle creates images that are ripe with juxtapositions: delicate yet…