Gregor Petrikovic

is a Slovakian photographer who focused on when he turned 18 years old and started feeling like an “adult”. Through a photo series inspired…


Never-Never Land

This is a follow up on young and upcoming artist Rebecca Rütten from Hamburg Germany. Over one year ago we posted about her series…


Jones Wolfgang

is a Berlin based swiss photographer who just began dealing with photography a year ago. Formerly placed in front of the camera the model now changed…


Empty Porn Sets

is a series by British photographer Jo Broughton who records spaces left behind after a certain kind of human activity, making a strong statement against a voyeuristic…


Mária Švarbová

is a Slovakian photographer who creates atmospheric photography of pastel coloured swimming pools. Mária Švarbová was born in 1988 in Slovakia. She finished her…


Hsin Wang

is a Taiwanese fine art photographer based in Brooklyn. She has been interested in visualizing her personal stories through photography, by incorporating everyday objects…


Santiago Sepúlveda

is a designer/photographer originally hailing from Bogota, Columbia. More about Santiago Sepúlveda and his works here.


Luo Yang

is a very powerful and raw photographer based out of Beijing, China.  More about Luo Yang and her works here.  


Meltem Isik

is a Turkish artist who questions on the perception we have of our body. Meltem Isik makes portraits by placing big pictures of body parts before…


Anne-Laure Etienne

is a French photographer who presents this series called Fleeting. Anne-Laure Etienne explains that in her work the vegetation is quite naturally a symbol of development. More…