Eliza Bennett

is a British artist. She was born in England 1980, residing in London. In 1997-1999 she studied a B-Tec National Diploma in Art and…


Jiri Geller

is a Finnish sculptor. Like an anarchist who has studied every stitch and fold of the banker’s suit, Jiri Geller models and subverts the iconic…


Bruno Walpoth

is an Italian sculptor. He’s founder of the sculptor’s group “Trisma” with Willy Verginer and Walter Moroder. He studied at Academy of Fine Arts…


Platonov Pavel

Stunning geometric sculptures and photographs by Russian artist Platonov Pavel. Check out his flickr for more.   via theCORNERmag


Bill Durgin

is an American artist. He studied at Tufts University Medford, School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston and California College of the Arts…


Sonja Vordermaier

is a German artist based in Hamburg, Germany. She studied at University of Fine Art HFBK in Hamburg. “Amorphous growth on the ceilings and…


Lucy Glendinning

is a sculptor and installation artist, who works in a contemporary British sculpture tradition. Here, different aesthetic expressions are brought together under one central…


Ted Lawson

is a Boston-born artist. He studied Sculpture at  Philadelphia University of the Arts. He currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. More about Ted…

Sam Jinks : Unsettled Dogs 2012 / Sullivan + Strumpf

Sam Jinks

is an Australian artist and he creates incredible hyperrealistic sculptures of humans. He lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. He is represented by Sullivan+Strumpf Gallery…