Tristan Eaton

Born in Los Angeles in 1978, Tristan began pursuing street art as a teenager, painting everything from walls to billboards in the urban landscape…



A collection of my favorite outdoor works of spanish muralist Aryz. Check his homepage and blog for more. For his most recent mural “Overprotection”…

Murals of La Jolla: Fred Tomaselli, "Expecting to Fly"

Murals of La Jolla

Murals of La Jolla was conceived in 2010 as a means to enhance the civic character of the community by commissioning public art projects…



a series of illustrations and murals by Austrian Nychos the weird. Most of his work looks into the weird insides of animals and famous…


Walls by Blu

A collection of murals by italian artist Blu, who is also famous for his animated mural projects like Big Bang Big Boom. They’re mostly…



On March 18th I wrote about a graffiti event in Berlin called #Clashwall. Of course I went to the event to check it out…


Don’t Fret @ NY

Chicago born streetartist Don’t Fret recently visited New York City and left some hilarious murals. Via www.brooklynstreetart, all photos © Jaime Rojos



CLASH WALL is an interaktive street art event in Berlin. Street artists Wurstbande, Gogoplata and RylseeBring want to bring color to the grey walls…


Zoer CSX

is a French artist, painter and product designer. As a child Zoer loved to destroy, burn and crush objects, not just for fun, but to satisfy…