Suck the Balls!

“Suck the Balls!” is an installation by Niklas Roy and part of “SPIELTRIEB!”, a project about the play in art, science in society, organized by Goethe-Institut Krakau. “The interactive…


a terrifying installation by Dutch interactive studio Front40. “The Eyestalkers are a colony of watchful eyes. They stare unblinking from their window out into…


Aaron Hobson finds beautiful places in Google Streetview and mashes them up to create dream-like fantasy panoramas.


“anywhere” is a multichannel personal autonomous sound installation. ::vtol:: is a project of a Moscow media-artist, musician and engineer of strange-sounding mechanisms – Dmitry Morozov….


also known as Joon Lee is a CGI Artist and Digital Illustrator. He’s a visual artist specializing in creating various types of CGI images for…

Virtual Gender Swap

is an experiment with the machine to be another by beanotherlab.  The interdisciplinary art collective beanotherlab asks ‘what would it be like to see through the eyes…


a kinetic light installation by Tetro and Whitevoid made from 50 triangles consisting of motorized bars with 150 Leds each. via