Organic Culture

In Visual System’s “Organic Culture “, a light-based public show depicts how technology, science, architecture, and art collide quite impressively. The light manifestation is…


Peace Drone

A proposal to United States Armed Forces by Barcelona based artist Axel Brechensbauer. “Killing foreign people with predator drones is history. Let me introduce the peace…


Fluid Landscapes

by André Britz again. “Played with acryl colors and window cleaner on my scanner surface and combined the results with minmal shapes.” – André


Cuckoo Project

Today, Tim of Stilnest did send me their most recent project: A 3D printed cuckoo clock. I like it. Update: Now with video! “Bringing…


Full Turn

by Benjamin Muzzin, Diploma project in Bachelor Media & Interaction Design at ECAL, école nationale d’art Lausanne. “With this project I wanted to explore the…


Christian Zander

was born in Denmark and grew up in Hans Christian Andersen’s hometown, Odense. In 1998, he dropped out of high school accepting a job…


David Szauder

is a hungarian artist born in Budapest, Hungary and he is based in Berlin. Here you can see the project of him, Failed memories-…