On March 18th I wrote about a graffiti event in Berlin called #Clashwall. Of course I went to the event to check it out for you guys.

Street artists Wurstbande, Gogoplata and Rylsee teamed up to bring a grafiti art work to a huge, grey and boring wall in Berlin Mitte. In preparation for the event people have sent 380 ideas for motives which were selected and drawn by the artists. The best motives were then put on the wall.


First of all, look at the result. This is amazing. Even tough they all have different styles, they have managed to make one flawless artwork together. Lovely and colorful.

_DSC5617 _DSC5742 _DSC5799_DSC5733 _DSC5591 _DSC5608 _DSC5609 _DSC5590 _DSC6105

Here a video which focuses mostly on the event itself, but there are also some nice shots of the grafitti making in it:

If you missed (or enjoyed) #Clashwall there is an event following up:

Photo Clash. No filters, no instagram, but live and in colors. Fans can get their own personalized art work made from their own photo by a group of selected local artists. You send your photo and the artists “hack” it (means draw and paint over the photo). Again the best motives are shown to the public in an event. This time: An exhibition at the location “Mein Haus Am See” in Berlin on April 3th to 5th.


List of participating artists:

Mike Friedrich – www.mikefriedrich.net

Bene Rohlmann – www.pearpicker.de

DXTR – www.flickr.com/photos/dxtrs

Johannes Mundinger – www.jmundinger.de

Blo – www.blo-paintings.com

Dome – www.domeone.de

Saddo – www.saddo.ro

The London Police – www.thelondonpolice.com

How to take part: Post your photo to twitter @converse with the hashtag #clashmyphoto, bring it to “Mein Haus Am See” or just be spontaneous and make one at the photo booth on location.

Sponsor: Converse

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