CLASH WALL is an interaktive street art event in Berlin.

Street artists Wurstbande, Gogoplata and RylseeBring want to bring color to the grey walls of Berlin with a gigantic and collaborative artwork. What they’ll paint is up to you. You can make proposals and give them your ideas via Facebook and Twitter.

About the artists:

Born and based in Berlin, Wurstbande is a creative heads collective which is active in the fields of illustration and wall design. With their roots in the urban art culture, their graphical style is known for naive, cute and sometimes featherbrained characters mixed with original lettering and patterns. The passion for painting and traveling brought the Wurstbande collective around the world to cities like Copenhagen, Prague, Milan, Paris, Budapest, New York City or Vienna where their work can be found.

Wurstbande_Artwork_IMG_1537 Wurstbande_Artwork_IMG_1402 Wurstbande_Artwork_IMG_0896_Kopie1


Cyril Vouilloz, aka RYLSEE, is a visual artist originally from Geneva Switzerland and currently living in Berlin. With a background in typography, design and mural painting, he is obsessed with words and hand-drawn type compositions.

Also he is inspired by moments of everyday life, the city, and signage. He is interested in expressing mundane situations and places in a satirical way. Rylsee is currently an artist resident at URBAN SPREE, an art and cultural space in Berlin.

mural02 Rylsee-TypoHand Rylsee-UselessSkills Rylsee-sketchbook-1


Berlin-grown, comic-enthusiast Gogoplata developed his creative skills as graffiti artist Gogoplata on Berlin’s streets and as designer in animated film feature productions. Alongside Gogoplata’s fascination with Californian pop-surrealism and lowbrow-artists, his inspirational source is also found in day-to-day life and communication.




This is how it works:

1) Post your proposal (text or picture) on Twitter or on the Facebook event page with the hashtags #clashwall and #berlin.

2) Everybody sending their idea directly gets an artworks made by one of the artists! And in addition two tickets for the CLASH WALL event (first come, first served).

3) Got a ticket? Come to the event and watch Wurstbande, Gogoplata und Rylsee create this huge wall painting. If your motive is under the chosen ones you’ll also win a pair of converse sneakers.

Not from Berlin or Germany? Don’t worry, there will be a webcam showing the progress and all of the painting: Link


The Location: Torstraße 86, Berlin Mitte

Date of the Event: 29.03.2014



I already did give my proposal and I’m looking forward to the event!


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