Collective Narratives

is a series staging a moment of contemplation of nature and built environment by Croatian photographer Tanja Deman.
Natural spectacles, framed in theatrical space are contemplated by an audience. These constructed images consolidate: geological formations; a projection of an urban environment; an arena; a deep chasm; a theatre and a crumbling slag-heap through a very active kind of watching. 
While making the series ‘Collective Narratives’ I was interested in different types of spectatorship and architectural settings in which they are taking place. Moreover, the notion of a ritual in which a large group of people gathers and participates in order to experience something together by observing, intrigued me. I see these spaces for cultural and sports spectacles, as zones of pure potential, where the world must be rebuilt or re-imagined every time they are in use. Having liberated them from their utilitarian, commercial restrains, and the environments in which they were created, I allow them to cross the boundary of reality. 
Together these scenes examine time and the strange modes of spectatorship attached to the inanimate world. A collective witnessing of phenomena that are usually experienced in private atmospheres.
Tanja Deman is a visual artist from Croatia. She works with photography, collage, video and public art. Her investigation of collective psychology and space focuses on recently built legacy, specifically in spaces for collectives and how they relate to nature.
Her images are visual metaphors that step into puzzling sites and situations layered with history. She captures the awkward socio-political dynamics under the surface of both the built and natural environment.
More about Tanja Deman and her works here.
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