How to survive a global crisis as a photographer – Connected Archives

Is Connected Archives the new way to license images in 2020?

Connected Archives is an international collective of like-minded photographers ranging from upcoming talents to established and award-winning artists. Working within the realms of portrait, documentary, fashion, and fine-art photography, their pictures live on the pages of renowned newspapers and magazines. With their poetic and personal approach to photography, their visual language speaks to both commercial and artistic purposes.

They believe that creative production, now more than ever, requires a sustainable and solidary approach. For them, that means: less commuting, less polluting – and recycling images by providing access to unpublished and exclusive series from books, exhibitions and already published features that are now available for licensing.

The story of the Austrian photographer Daniel is intended to encourage. Encourage you to create something that helps you, but also other colleagues. For example with a central sales platform of great pictures.

When Austrian photographer Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek came back from a photo job in Ghana back in March of this year, the new type of corona virus had already arrived in his hometown of Berlin and in the rest of Germany.

During this time, he received many panicked calls and messages from his colleagues who wanted to make sure that the situation was normal with him and other colleagues. Whether other photographers are no longer getting jobs. Because you didn’t get any new inquiries from one week to the next.

With Daniel, this situation triggered the opposite. He was also caught in a state of shock and was also unable to realize what was happening there. Nevertheless, he thought to himself that the only logical thing that can be done in such a moment – and also in the interest of image editors – as long as the crisis lasts is to look for image material that is already available.

Another point why Daniel founded Connected Archives is that existing footage that has been taken before is used again. That you don’t have to go on a new production for every photo job. For him and his colleagues, a creative production should also be sustainable and show solidarity, especially in times like these. To fly less or travel by car, to create added value for one’s own work and the created product. 

Connected Archives meets the Zeitgeist. After a very short time, the collective achieves a high reach and already works with newspapers and magazines like ZEIT and Volkskrant Magazine.

More about Connected Archives on their website or on Instagram.

All images by the particular photographers of Connected Archives.

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