Cornelius Völker

is a German painter based in New York and Düsseldorf who studied at the famous Kunstakademie Düsseldorf with A.R. Penck and Dieter Krieg.

“With a distinctive method of handling paint that is simultaneously fluid and precise, German artist Cornelius Völker chooses traditional genres – the still-life and portraiture – to explore and decode the history of representational painting. Frequently involving subject matter that was used by painters for centuries to best exhibit their proficiency – hair, hands, flesh, glass, food – Völker’s works blur traditional distinctions between genres, each painting becoming both a still life and a portrait. Whether or not actually figurative, nearly every work that Völker paints refers to the body: pills to ingest, ointments to rub into the skin, viscous fluids, cigarette stubs or half eaten fruit.”–Hosfelt Gallery

More about Cornelius Völker and his works here.

cornelius-volker-01 cornelius-volker-02 cornelius-volker-03 cornelius-volker-04 cornelius-volker-05-1 cornelius-volker-06 cornelius-volker-07 cornelius-volker-08 cornelius-volker-09 cornelius-volker-10 cornelius-volker-11


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