Daido Moriyama

is a Japanese photographer based in Tokyo.

He itially trained in graphic design before taking up photography. He trained as an assistant under Takeji Iwamiya and Eikoh Hosoe until becoming an independent photographer in 1964, publishing his first books Nippon Gekijō Shashinchō in 1968 and Shashin yo Sayounara in 1972, both depicting the darker sides of urban life and the city of Tokyo.

Moriyama has had a radical impact on the photographic and art world in both Japan and in the West, with his expressive style of ‘are, bure, boke’ (rough, blurred and out-of-focus) as well as the debut of recent colour work taken in Tokyo, and his typical style of quick snapshots without looking in the viewfinder. His highly innovative and intensely personal photographic approach often incorporates high contrast, graininess, and tilted vantages to convey the fragmentary nature of modern realities.

More about Daido Moriyama and his works here.

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