Disco Volante

by austrian architect Lukas Galehr, a member of design collective MadameMohr, which includes five architects and one industrial designer. Disco Volante is a real pizzeria in Vienna. A spinning oven shaped like a giant disco ball is the centrepiece of this pizzeria, the restaurant is otherwise modelled on an authentic Napoli pizzeria with a vaulted ceiling, smooth tiled floors and clean white walls.

Lukas Galehr studied architecture at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna under the guidance of Hans Hollein and Wolf D. Prix and at SCI-Arc in Los Angeles. He has worked for Hans Hollein and UN Studio. He is currently working on his thesis under Prof. Wolf D. Prix.

If you want to eat pizza at Disco Volante, check the website here.

If you want an architect like Lukas Galehr, check the website here.

disco-5 disco-4 disco-3 disco-2 disco-1

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