Disney Princesses Reimagined As Different Ethnicities

The artist behind the illustrations said there was “no political agenda in mind for these edits (except maybe the desire to see a little more diversity), I just love working with character design.”

Disney’s effort to racially diversify its princess roster with Tiana was welcomed by many, but for those who want to see even more diversity in their cast of princesses, the Let There Be Doodles Tumblr blog has got you covered. The artist behind this blog modified 10 screen captures of Disney princesses in action and imagined what they might look like if they were from different ethnicities.

More about the artist and disney stuff here.

More disney stuff at the blog here or here.

disney-princess-reimagined-different-race-let-there-be-doodles-8 disney-princess-reimagined-different-race-let-there-be-doodles-5 disney-princess-reimagined-different-race-let-there-be-doodles-4 disney-princess-reimagined-different-race-let-there-be-doodles-2 disney-princess-reimagined-different-race-let-there-be-doodles-6 disney-princess-reimagined-different-race-let-there-be-doodles-3 disney-princess-reimagined-different-race-let-there-be-doodles-9 disney-princess-reimagined-different-race-let-there-be-doodles-1 disney-princess-reimagined-different-race-let-there-be-doodles-7

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