Dmitry Lookianov

is a Russian photographer who is documenting the alienation of Moscow’s outskirts.

Dmitry Lookianov is a man who talks about himself as a third person. He was born in Krasnodar, Russia, in 1983.
Since 2000 he lives in Moscow. In 2015 he graduated from Moscow Rodchenko school of photography and multimedia.
Also Dmitry works as a freelance photographer and has over 500 friends on Facebook.

The photographer demystifies life in Russia’s suburbs via identical tower blocks and an obsession with tech and beauty. In this photographic series “Instant Tomorrow” are soulless outskirts of Moscow are transformed into the sterile vision of human future.

“I began by photographing my neighbourhood: the most typical and mundane district at the edge of Moscow which has nothing but tower blocks, parking lots and ugly malls,” remembers Lookianov. “At first it was just architecture and cityscapes but then I started shooting interiors, observing and studying the objects in contemporary living spaces.”

More about Dmitry Lookianov and his works here.

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