Egene Koo

is a South Korea-based painter. She studied at Korea National University of Arts and at Camberwell College of Arts in London.

“I wanted to look at the real face of mind struggling to capture something essential of human life in distorted everyday situations. In doing so, I needed a proper mediator who would be able to lead me not to be deceived by my own distorted ego that always creates lies in fear of discovering the inconvenient truth of life. A good old story could play its role both as a very old wise man and as an innocent child. It retells a part of the journey called life towards inner growth. On the way, the encounter with various inner children doesn’t mean to be something merely innocent and nostalgic. It is about the reality with bright and dark sides. Obviously, it is essential to understand and accept myself as I am to take a new step of life. However, it will be also fearful and painful. This might be the reason why my vulnerable inner beings always hesitate even though they are eager to grow and change.”

More about Egene Koo and her works here.

egenekoo01 egenekoo02 egenekoo03 egenekoo04 egenekoo05 egenekoo06 egenekoo07 egenekoo09 egenekoo10

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Hello, I'm Carolin. I'm a designer and concepter. I love space travel, smooth beats, simplicity and Star Wars. I've studied visual communication at Offenbach Academy of Art and Design and arts management at Freie Universität Berlin. Say hi on instagram @carolingoelder

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