Elise Gallant

is a New York based photographer and journalist who started taking pictures at age 13.

She started calling herself a photographer ten years later, when she was hired to document the nite life for Purple’s “Diary.” She loves the gig for constantly demanding her curiosity, not just her attention. Lately, the 24-year-old free spirit has been spending nights at home, pining for spring, reflecting on the people she’s met and the places she’s been… and developing photos that show us how, to paraphrase Joan Didion, certain images shimmer for Elise. Look hard enough, and you see that the under-sea feel is created by reflective beads, strung over body parts. Look longer, and you may absorb a sensitive, aura-like vision of a “second skin.”

More about Elise Gallant and her works here.

elise elise1 elise2 elise3 elise4 elise5 elise6 elise7 elise8 elise9

Elise Gallant for Adult Mag

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