Empty, Dense, Merge

Empty, Dense, Merge imagines the spectacularly high civilization of New York in the naturally wonderful environment of the Grand Canyon. It is a three part series by Zurich based artist Gus Petro.

The first part – Empty – was shot in Grand Canyon and Death Valley, the second – Dense – in New York City, the third part of the series is a merge of the first two. Scroll down for the result.



1. Empty

21_121121_California_0092 21_121121_California_0131


2. Dense

22_121111_NYC_0383_v2 22_121111_NYC_0400


3. Merge

23_4 23_2 23_3 23_1 23_5

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Hi, I am an art director based in Berlin, Germany. I'm always searching for visual stunning or conceptually interesting pieces of art.

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