Eric Guo

is a Chinese photographer who was born in a poor, mountainous region in northern China. Aged 18 he entered the Hebei Arts and Crafts School where he studied oil painting.

Upon graduation, 3 years later, he became interested in photography. Owning a camera though, was for him like a distant dream. He moved from the Hebei province to Beijing where he perfected his studies at the Central Academy of Crafts and fine Arts for one year, moving towards Fine Art Photography. In 2007 he moved for a year in the mountains of the LiangShan County, in the north-eastern part of Sichuan province, where the ethnic minority group, the Yi, have lived for centuries. Meisa, that titles the series, is a village located at about 30 km from the county capital and 3000 meters above sea level. The Yi have their own language and alphabet that are incomprehensible to outsiders. In a similar way, regardless of the format it features, Eric’s work possesses an enigmatic and at the same time strongly evocative quality. He has a wide range of stylistic approaches, with a sense of color and composition deeply influenced by his oil painting background. Eric lives and works in Hangzhou, where he currently has his photographic studio.

More about Eric Guo and his works here.

Eric-Guo-1 Eric-Guo-2 Eric-Guo-3 Eric-Guo-4 Eric-Guo-5 Eric-Guo-6 Eric-Guo-7 Eric-Guo-8 Eric-Guo-9 Eric-Guo-10

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