Tokyo based artist Azuma Makoto and John Powell of JP aerospace have created a botanical space flight, sending a japanese bonsai and an arrangement of orchids, hydrangeas, lilies and irises, among other plants into the stratosphere. Launched with a specially equipped balloon from black rock desert in Nevada, the mission, entitled ‘Exbiotanica’, was conceptualized to let different plants step into the unknown, away from earth. – via


“Plants on the earth rooted in the soil, under the command of gravity.
Roots, soil and gravity – by giving up the links to life, what kind of “beauty” shall be born?
Within the harsh “nature”, at an attitude of 30,000 meters and minus 50 degrees Celsius,
the plants evolve into EXBIOTA (extraterrestrial life).
A pine tree confronting the ridge line of the Earth.
A bouquet of flowers marching towards the sun hit by the intense wind.
Freed from everything, the plants shall head to the space.”

Azuma-Makoto-sends-flowers-into-space-designboom03 Azuma-Makoto-sends-flowers-into-space-designboom05 Azuma-Makoto-sends-flowers-into-space-designboom04Azuma-Makoto-sends-flowers-into-space-designboom06

Picture from the making of:

m010 m410 m610

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