By photographer Peng Yangjun (part of the creative duo peng chen). This is actually a real thing. He photographs women visiting the seaside of Qingdao, China who are wearing these ski mask like garments for protection from UV rays, jellyfish stings and also mosquitoes.


“No longer used merely for practicality’s sake, the facekini has become an avenue for older women to express themselves through fashion. Many feel self-conscious about exposing their bodies, and the anonymity afforded by the colorful mask, which extends to their collarbones, makes them feel more comfortable. Most of the women photographed by Peng have handmade their facial coverings from old underwear, bathing suits, or clothing to suit their personal style. While retailers have capitalized on the craze, selling facekinis on the shores of the city beaches, a good portion of the garments are one-of-a-kind, unique to the woman who wears them. In the context of these conventional beach portraits, the facekinis appear irresistibly strange, standing at the intersection of self-expression and an enigmatic sense of personal anxiety.” via featureshoot

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